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Chef Charles ‘Chas’ La ForteHaving spent several years in Italy, our chef has returned with Tuscan treats only to be found on Salvatore’s menu. Try the Cheese Torte. A baked house made mascarpone terrine layered with fresh pesto, toasted pine nuts and buffalo’s milk mozzarella, served hot and creamy from the oven with grilled garlic toasts. Even our Scampi Toscana takes on a look all its’ own, with bits of roma tomatoes, garlic and slivered fresh basil finished in a lemon-butter sauce. If you are fortunate to arrive on an evening the chef is offering his famous boneless short ribs, simmered in Barolo and served over creamy gorgonzola polenta, then you will know the god’s are truly with you. Our Osso bucco has been touted as “the best ever” and is also considered one of our signature offerings; bringing patrons back for more…with friends. If seafood is your preference, Salvatore's chef brings fish in daily and insists on freshness. Try our popular filet of sole crusted with aged Grana Padana Parmesan. It dispels all myths about eating cheese with fish.

Our prime grade Black Angus steaks are second to none and at a more than fair market price.

Salvatore’s local patronage has supported the efforts of the Fellini’s Group for over fifteen years and we are proud that our reputation is synonymous with the finest quality prime meats, the freshest seafood and free-range poultry.

Desserts hold a very special place on our menu. “Baking is like a food Science project. Each ingredient is exacting and completed in an exact process.”
Our lemon tartlet is made with only fresh Myer’s lemons and our toasted almond crust uses only dairy fresh butter and Marcona almond
The Tortoni Bisque is the personal recipe from our chef’s childhood and the recipe, hand written by his dad, is still on file in the chef’s office. The same care and diligent precision can be witnessed with every one of our freshly made desserts found on the “Afterthoughts” menu.
Tortoni Bisque
A light frozen custard featuring Amaretti cookies and toasted almonds
Creme brulee
A light baked custard topped with a wafer thin layer of caramelized sugar.
Tortoni Bisque
White chocolate-raspberry Cheesecake- creamy cheesecake with raspberry swirls and shaved white chocolate.
Pistachio Tartuffo
A scoop of rich pistachio gelato smothered with chocolate chips and toasted pistachios.
An ageless favorite layered with mascarpone, ladyfingers, espresso and Belgian cocoa.
A frozen torte of pistachio, chocolate, cherry and vanilla gelato with a nut crust.
Old-fashioned Mud Pie
Our chocolate cookie crust is filled with coffee ice cream drizzled with a rich chocolate glaze.
Tartuffo di Gelato
Raspberry ice cream ball coated with a thin white chocolate crust. Served on a vanilla cream.
Gelato Misti
An assortment of homemade ice creams
Warm Lava Fudge Cake
A dark chocolate brownie cake with a hot chocolate fudge center on a pool of vanilla sauce.
A classic featuring a crispy pastry shell filled with sweetened ricotta and a hint of orange.
Coffee Drinks

Café Salvatore - Freshly brewed coffee blended with our secret Melange of spirits and a whipped cream finish-5.95

Sicilian coffee - espresso, Galliano and Amaretto! Great for after dinner-5.95

Keoke Coffee - with brandy, Kahlua, crème di cocoa and whipped cream-6.95

Irish Coffee - With Jameson Irish whiskey, crème di menthe
and whipped cream-6.95

Espresso - 3.95

Cappuccino - 4.95

Café Latte - 4.95

Machiato - 3.95


We proudly brew Imported Lavazza coffee


Great Ways to End a Meal

Marie Brizard Anisette $8.00
Nocello $8.00
Frangelico $8.00
Cloud 9- $12.00
Glenmorangie single malt 15 yr.-   $15.00
Glenlivet 18 yr. Single malt-    $16.00
Oban 14 yr. Single malt-     $15.00
Chivas Regal 18 yr.-     $18.00
Ramos Tawny Port-   $15.00
Warres Port ’85-    $35.00
Sandeman –  $10.00

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